Why RowNote?
  • RowNote is light and easy like notepad + sticker.
RowNote contains windows with notes. Each window contains editable content, which you can edit or change like in notepad or WordPad.
RowNote is simple program, so it works quickly.
Each note is quick available, at hand. But you can hide it to desktop.
  • RowNote is powerful like multiwindow text editor.
RowNote supports rich-text format, like Micrisoft Word or Microsoft WordPad.
RowNote allows inserting pictures in notes.
RowNote can export notes to rtf files, which you can use with Microsoft Office.
Where can I apply this desktop notes program?
Everywhere you can imagine!
  • Development.
If you are developer, you can use RowNote to keep any temporary variables, pieces of code, values, so on.
  • Design.
If you are designer, you can use RowNote to organize parts of your work, describe them and use RowNote as clipboard.
  • Office.
You can use RowNote to collect information of different types. It can be: links, knowledge, tasks, personal data, screenshots and descriptions of them. All that information, we collect, order and process every day. You can save all of it as rtf-format, compatible with MS Office programs.